Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Zealand

Ow New Zealand was great!
What a stunning country. Can you use stunning to describe a country!?
We went to the south Island. Christchurch, Queenstown and everything in between. Gorgeous mountains, lakes and misty bits. Very Lord of the Rings :)
We did some hiking, even Rose walked around for a bit, jumping over the rocks. She loved it.
It was nice and cool there (being Dutch I like that in the Middle of February ;)) and very easy to get around with a toddler.
Rose decided this was the time for her to get potty trained. I wasn't to sure about her timing but she was and hoped on every strange toilet and found nice grass bits to do a wee.
Hubby decided this was the time to jump out of a plane! Rose and I waited safely on the ground and watched him from being a teeny white spot high in the air turning into 'a cat in the hat' as Rose called all the people dangling in the air on a parachute, to landing safely on the ground with a big smile on his face!
I mostly relaxed...

Now back to the sewing again...

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  1. Wow! Jealous! I don't think I'd enjoy seeing my hubby jump out of a plane..... most days.....!