Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear all,

Little rose is taking some time off as I am due to have a little bub very soon.

The made-it shop is closed and will be opened again after some settling in time and some family time...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Winter Collection available on madeit!

Dear all,

The little rose winter collection 2011 is available in my madeit store :)

Click here to have a look!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Winter Collection 2011

I am happy to present the new little rose winter collection!

The collection has got a lot of colour, which always makes winter much brighter. Red has been combined with orange & light pink and grey with fuchsia & red. As the collection has been inspired by 'The Sound of Music' it needed leather hose! The leather hose have changed shape in the form of a bright bubble skirt to make them much more girly. They are still combined in the traditional way with a blouse, but then with a little bit of little rose colour.

The skirts in the winter collection are all twirly and the dresses take you back to the Austrian Alps. There is a little pink t-shirt with a Tiroler girl applique and the little vest inspired by the traditional Austrian costumes comes in pink and does combine ever so lovely with the high waisted twirly grey skirt.

Of course we needed the popular ruffled-back-legging back for the little ones! And the fully lined pants from a few winters past have made a comeback too for the little girls who still like to look girly in pink, but just seem to get caught under their dresses with their knees when crawling.

The collection has been beautifully photographed by the lovely Renee from NFE Design.

Thank you so much Renee!

The winter range will be in store and online end on next month.

(If you would like to see all the photo's and items from the winter collection have a look here)

The gorgeous ribbon wands used in this photo shoot are from Pinwheels and Pearls and the lovely crochet hair accessories are from Madeliefke.

The beautiful felt appliques are made by applicatie-en-zo.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sneak Peek

The Winter Collection is finished :)
We will have a photo shoot with the lovely Renee from NFEdesign next week!
For now a little peek.....

Thanks Rose!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Collection

We are back from a very long holiday to our lovely home country, The Netherlands and Vietnam. Spending our Christmas days in the snow was just wonderful and gave me some inspiration for winter. As it is hard to get inspiration for warm winter clothing in 40 degrees.. haha.. Also Vietnam has been a wonderful source of inspiration especially SaPa, a mountain village in the north of Vietnam where traditional clothing show bright splashes of colour. All that folk clothing and having just been back to Europe, plus singing the Sound of Music's do re mi song to Rose every night when she goes to bed, made me think of the 'leather hose'!
So for the coming winter collection I have found my inspiration in folk clothing and the Sound of Music.
The collection will (hopefully) be ready in March