Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The cutest little fairy

How gorgeous are the Jacaranda's!
I saw them bloom for the first time three years ago and I was stunned by it's beauty.

When I drove home the other day into Lorn with all the Jacaranda's in bloom, listening to "Casta Diva" on the CD player and my beautiful Rose in the back seat I felt inspired to make this singlet for her.

Rose loves the fairy wings singlet. "Just like Tinkerbell!"

I made a more colourful singlet with wings and pom poms for the little rose label and placed it on my made it store.
Have a beautiful day :)

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  1. We had an enormous Jacaranda in the backyard of my family home - it was so beautiful.

    I have awarded you a Kreativ Blogger Award. Please just pop over to my blog for details.